I Salute You Washington

I’m just gonna say it.

It’s a damn good time to be a Washingtonian.

I’m sure some people find my extreme love for my home state obnoxious, but fortunately I couldn’t give two shits what other people think. Melanie’s my name and loyalty’s my game. I’m incredibly loyal. (A fact which when combined with my supreme slow chugging skills, affinity for bad karaoke, beer o’clock, and divine recipe for vegetarian chili- makes me good ‘girlfriend material.’ But that’s a topic for another day.)

Why’s it so good to be a Washingtonian in 2013?

Gay marriage? Legalized.

Marijuana? Legalized.

Seahawks? Dominated this year.

Sonics? Coming back.

Macklemore hit it big with “Thrift Shop” and didn’t even need a fancy label to do it. (And in case you’re wondering I’m not a bandwagon fan. I’ve been listening since he wrote that awesome song about Dave Niehous.)

I just saw the Sasquatch lineup today too. Totally bitchin’. I wish I could go. The Postal Service is gonna be there!  (Which if you’ve read Ben Gibbard’s Twitter like I have, you’d know is a miracle.)

I haven’t even mentioned the Zags yet. Freaking (Really abstaining from swear words on this one) #6 in the polls. Kelly Olynyk is something of a superstar? What? Zags 4 life.

A few weeks ago I read this beautifully eloquent editorial in The Seattle Times and my heart swelled up.

And then today I read this.

“For the first time ever, schools in a single state hold the No. 1 spot in the small, medium and large undergraduate school categories for the 2013 Top Colleges rankings for producing Peace Corps Volunteers.

Washington State now holds this noteworthy distinction, with University of Washington leading large schools with 107 alumni currently serving as Peace Corps Volunteers, while Western Washington University and Gonzaga University lead in the medium and small categories with 73 and 24 currently serving graduates, respectively.”

The Peace Corps released their annual Top Colleges for producing Peace Corps volunteers list. UW, Western, and Gonzaga leading the game. Washington leading all.

I’m a proud Washingtonian, Peace Corps volunteer, and Zag.

All we do is win.

P.S. Macklemore’s album is only $3.99 on Amazon today. Word to the wise.

P.P.S. Sorry for the swear words Mom.

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2 responses to “I Salute You Washington

  1. Shauna Steadman

    I also love Washington and hope to be able to settle in Seattle sometime soon. My son, his wife and their son, Soren live in West Seattle on 35th Street. He has a Phd from Udub in American Film Studies, taught at Udub for a year before he went to Copenhagen to teach. Now he is back in Seattle, just resigned a contract At MicroSoft. Is looking for film work – he excels at Gaming. Know anyone?

  2. Shauna Steadman

    . . . .and he will never leave Seattle!

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