An Open Love Letter to Ben Gibbard

The following post is the result of 12 hours on the souk bus and my undying devotion to the man himself, Benjamin Gibbard. 

Dear Ben,

You had me with Transatlanticism. My first, and quite possibly favorite Death Cab album. Your lyrics spoke to my ever wounded high school soul. What’s that? Yes. I’ve been yours since about the ripe age of 16. I am now 23…that’s dedication if you ask me. 

I suppose I love you Ben because you’re so Pacific Northwest. Do you too love the drizzle, the Evergreens, the hum of the Puget Sound, the majesty of our mountains, the greenness of it all? Your flannel and the paleness of your skin give you away. I bet you don’t even own an umbrella. 

But I digress, let’s get back to the music. I love that you write songs about things you love. The Smith Tower? Ichiro? I love those things too. 

Speaking of Ichiro, I love the Mariners as well. Even if they’re horrible. Do you too believe we’ll someday have a comeback? We can say we liked the Mariners before it was cool and everyone will call us hipsters. I suspect that you like me, also have an affinity for the underdog.

I think we like a lot of the same authors too Ben. The Jack Kerouac inspired album? Genius. And Big Sur is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I just about died when I heard “Bigger Than Love” by the way. Scott and Zelda’s story captivates me. I suspect that it moves you too. Do you also agree that despite the chaotic tyranny of their relationship that they really loved each other? I think they were mad for each other, literally. Speaking of relationships, I’m sorry about Zooey. It’s a shame it didn’t work out. I like her style and ‘take no prisoners’ attitude. But we don’t have to talk about her anymore if you don’t want. 

I know everyone says you’re always mopey and depressed, but they obviously haven’t read your Twitter feed like I sometimes do. If they did they’d know how witty and intelligent you are. Who cares if you write a lot of sad songs? Life can sometimes feel like one torrential downpour after another. At least your expressing yourself!

Anyway, the point of this letter Ben is to let you know that I like you- a lot. 

By July 2014, I should be back in America (inchallah). Even if my love is unrequited I’d love to meet up in Seattle. How about Stumptown? It’s the only place that I would remotely consider paying $7.00 for a drip coffee for. 

I hope this letter receives you well. 



P.S. Did you write “Monday Morning” about me? It sure sounds like you did?

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