Present Tense

Because I fancy myself something of a storyteller, the ‘stream of conscious’ style of writing has never really appealed to me, so thus I try to avoid writing it and have avoided reading Ulysses.

Nonetheless, sometimes it can be helpful to write in the present tense and now is one of those times.

Life as you might have imagined via my lack of blogging, has been busy. A good busy though- and it’s about to get busier.


The month of January will see me in a plethora of different places, inshallah. A pleasant combination of work and pleasure. I hope to keep you informed with stories and photos of my travels as they happen.

In the midst of all that, I have my classes and two pending side projects. I have also recently started teaching at the high school at night to girls who attend the boarding school. (My town services a number of smaller villages, so many of these kids live at the school during the week and return home on the weekends.)


So far, I am really enjoying it. I am also incredibly grateful for the relationships I have developed with the staff at the high school. Many volunteers aren’t as fortunate to form working partnerships with the teachers at their high schools due to administrative difficulties with the Ministry of Education in Morocco.

There are so many causes of joy in my life right now.


Hot water. Dancing silly while my music girls jam. The success of my small-scale SIDA presentation to a women’s cooperative. Learning how to write my name in Arabic and Tamazight. My tribe of kids at the Dar Chebab. My landlord telling me that he is my Moroccan Baba, since my real Dad is in America. Laughing over the fact that I have about a million different names to people in this town, i.e. Milani, Amal, Tfowt, Hadda, Maria, Milano, Marnie, etc. The sun, which I love again since it’s not blazing down on me. Packages from my aunts and uncles at the post office. Cous cous with my favorite family. Laughing with my assistant mudir. The Moroccan volunteers that I work with on Friday’s with the little kids.

To name a few…


I can only hope that 2013 brings me just as much joy. Happy New Year!

*Some photos from Christmas

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2 responses to “Present Tense

  1. Shauna Steadman

    The man at the spice hanoot could be PC. Dead give away : American back pack. So glad that you are having these Moroccan Moments. That things are going so well for you. Have a good year and keep writing, I love your blog.

  2. Tina

    You are enjoying your life, thanks for sharing….what are some of the goods that you would like to receive that is hard for you to find. Have another year to remember…blessings to you…cousin Tina.

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