World AIDS Day 2012

Last Friday, I headed up north to my friend Libby’s site to help with her World AIDS Day event.

The following is what Libby had to say on her blog about the event:

December first is World AIDS day, and this first of December I celebrated by providing my community here in MO with education, testing, and fun.  I had been working on this project for a while now with my Mudir(boss), and it was kinda my baby.  I didn’t want to see it fail, and wanted it to succeed.  I’d say it’s safe to assume it didn’t fail, and actually went off wonderfully.

During the two day event, we tested over (drum roll please) 180 people for HIV/AIDS!  Not only that, but we tested 130 people for blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  We had two painting activities, one
rather small, and one rather big.  An outdoor canvas mural to be exact.  We painting in five different languages (Arabic, English, French, Spanish, and German) an AIDS slogan: “Together to combat AIDS”.  We had two discussions with a local doctor on overall education on HIV/AIDS.  An eye doctor in town did free eye exams, and gave out free glasses to a few students.  Overall, it was a huge success!  Lhamdullah!










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5 responses to “World AIDS Day 2012

  1. Hi Mel….sounds like you have been keeping busy doing good things..what kind of paint did you use on the canvas, we are going to be painting symbols on our teepee, need to know what kind of paint to with stand the weather here in the N.W. Do the people celebrate the Christmas season in what way….cousin, Tina.

    • postgradmel

      Hi Tina,

      Thank you. I have no idea what kind of paint they used. But it’s cool you’re painting a teepee (and cooler that you have one!)

      Moroccans don’t celebrate Christmas as it’s traditionally associated with Christianity, and most Moroccans are Muslim. However, most Moroccans know about it. They call Santa ‘Baba Noel.’

      • You will probably have your own personal celebration, I will remember you in ours..we might be at Uncles with your Grandma Diane if the weather holds..we are having a very mild December so far…what type of religion is Muslim, I am very nyeve…

      • postgradmel

        Muslims practice Islam. And yes! I will have a Christmas celebration of my own.

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